PriceList for Fibeglass Crossarm - Utility Pole – Tunghsing

In the early days the overhead power cable mainly relied on wooden pole as the main material.  As timber resources got scarce and difficult to obtain due to the protection by each country, concrete pole became an alternative.  However, concrete pole is too heavy, not convenient to install and easy to be corroded by sandy wind, American and some European advanced countries pioneered using the FRP power pole as the replacement in attribute to its excellent properties of lightweight, good physical properties and anti-corrosion.  Nowadays FRP power pole has been adopted as the choice of power transmission lines in most of the modern countries.

Originated from Taiwan, Shanghai Tunghsing Composites Co. Ltd. inherited the parent company for decades of FRP pole production experience, and later to carry forward and further advance in our China factory.  Shanghai Tunghsing Composites benefits from our core technical team with determination and devotion to offer quality, long lasting and high strength FRP pole at competitive price.

Please find our standard utility pole class in below table.  We can also customize according to your specific requirements, please contact us for further information.

Pole Class Breaking Load
Working Load
Pole Height
H6 7410 3705 35、40
H5 6500 3250 35、40
H4 5655 2828 35、40
H3 4875 2438 35、40
H2 4160 2080 30、35、40
H1 3510 1755 20、30、35、40
1 2925 1463 20、30、35、40
2 2405 1203 20、30、35、40
3 1950 975 20、30、35、40
4 1560 780 20、30、35、40
5 1235 618 25、30
6 975 488 25、30
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2. Tables 253-1 and 261-1A, NESC (2007 National Electric Safety Code)