OEM Supply Frp Utility Pole - FRP Adss Pole – Tunghsing

Typical Shanghai Tunghsing Composites ADSS pole is design to have nominal height of 8 to 9 meter with embedment of 1.2 to 1.5 meter.  This specific type of pole is suitable is for single fiber optic cable to be installed on pole top.

Originated from Taiwan, Shanghai Tunghsing Composites Co. Ltd. inherited the parent company for decades of FRP pole production experience, and later to carry forward and further advance in our China factory. Shanghai Tunghsing Composites benefits from our core technical team with determination and devotion to offer quality, long lasting and high strength FRP pole at competitive price.

Please find our standard 8.7m ADSS pole spec below.  We can also customize according to your specific requirements, please contact us for further information. 

8.7m FRP ADSS Pole – Direct Burial
Total Length(mm) EmbedmentLength(mm) Top Diameter(mm) Bottom Diameter(mm) Working Load(kg) Breaking Load(kg) Pole Colour
8700 1200 114 198 75 150 Grey

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