FRP Lighting Pole

1. Shanghai Tunghsing’s FRP lighting pole has been designed and tested based on various international standards.
2. Our FRP lighting poles can meet the following standards:
     .USA: ASTM D4923-01, Class 1, Standard Pole & ANSI C136.20.-1990
     .EU Standard: EN-40
     .Gulf Standard: GS 265 (SASO 533)
     .Malaysia: SIRIM audited and certified
3. We established the Taiwan Standard CNS-11652 (Chinese National Standards) for Lighting Pole.
4. Since 2015 we have been invited to draft the Chinese Roadway Lighting Pole – Fiberglass Pole Section; this industrial standard will be published and reinforced by end of 2018.
5. Design verification using “Finite Element Analysis”

Typical types of FRP Lighting Pole:
      1) FRP Post Top Pole (Garden Pole)
      2) FRP Single Arm Pole
      3) FRP Double Arm Pole

Typical pole installation:
      1) Direct burial type
      2) Anchor base type