Fixed Competitive Price Frp Lighting Poles - Other FRP Application – Tunghsing

Our Main Business Line:
1. FRP Pole
    Using filament winding process to produce high quality FRP Pole with competitiveness
2.FRP Crossarm
   Using pultrusion process to produce high quality profiles with individual properties such as mechanical, electrical, chemical or fire-retardant properties.
3. Compression Molding – SMC
    Suitable for mass production
4.RTM Products
    Suitable for diversified applications with small quantity & high precision requirements. Our advantages: mold precision, quick tooling & prototyping, well trained workers and excellent management

Business Item – by Products
    FRP Crossarm
    FRP Utility pole
    FRP Telecommunication Pole
    FRP Lighting Pole
    FRP Parts for Wind Power Turbine
    FRP Form Plate for Clean Room
    FRP Electric Enclosures
    FRP Analyzer House & Telecommunication Shelter
    Other FRP Products – customized